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As a homeowner, it’s imperative to have a fully-functional faucet, giving you an uninterrupted, peaceful experience every time you use it. Unfortunately, a damaged faucet valve can take this experience from satisfactory to dismal in no time. Imagine the never-ending, haunting noise of water dripping even after you’ve turned off the faucet, which not only stresses you out, but increases your monthly water bills due to gallons of wasted water every week. More so, if it’s a hot water leak, your electricity bills could suffer a hit, and your water heater could come under immense pressure, reducing its lifespan.

That’s not all! A leaky faucet that seeps into the wall could lead to rot, damage your home’s structure, compromise your health, and threaten its structural stability. To avoid all these problems and many more, you can’t procrastinate when it comes to fixing a damaged faucet valve.

But how do you tell when it’s time for a faucet valve replacement? There are three critical signs you should watch out for: difficulties turning the faucet on or off; a faucet handle that slips or sticks instead of turning the water on or off; and water continuing to run or drip even after turning off the faucet. Don’t let a malfunctioning faucet valve destroy your comfort or home’s integrity. Get in touch with professional plumbers at Tip Top Plumbing & Restoration today for swift and effective solutions.

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